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Boating Safety Tips - Safe Refueling Procedures

Practice safe boating procedures by following these safe fueling tips:

  1. Moore your boat securely to prevent spillage
  2. Shut off all engines
  3. Send all guests ashore
  4. Extinguish open flames
  5. Turn off electrical switches, power supplies, and avoid using electrical devices such as portable radios
  6. Close al windows, portholes, hatches and cabin doors
  7. Portable tanks must come ashore before refueling
  8. Verify that you have the correct fuel nozzle and you are filling the correct deck fill prior to dispensing fuel
  9. Ensure the fuel nozzle fits into the deck fitting – if it is too big, ask to be moved to a lower-speed dispenser
  10. Know your fuel system – some marine fuel dispensers are fast and may exceed your boat’s capacity – if unsure, use the slower-speed dispenser (if available)
  11. Ground the nozzle against the filler pipe
  12. Know the capacity of the fuel tank. Do not overfill it. You have a duty to prevent spillage of fuel into the hull or water
  13. Wipe up spillage and properly dispose of the cloth or towel used
  14. Operate the engine compartment blower for at least four minutes immediately before starting the gasoline engine
  15. Check for vapours from the engine compartment before starting up the engine

Safety tips provided to you by False Creek Fuels

Original article source: - Refueling Procedures

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