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Whether you are looking for coverage for your personal boat or your business, HUB’s experienced Marine team will help meet your needs with exceptional service, and the knowledge to ensure you have the right coverage.
boat insurance and marine insurance for pleasure craft
Whether you’re insuring your personal watercraft or your marine business operations, rely on HUB’s Marine team of expert advisors. With over 40 years of friendly, reliable service in the marine insurance sector, our strong relationships with both domestic and international insurance carriers enable us to help protect what matters to you.
Whatever your passion on the water, we’re here to give you the best coverage, value and service. From high-end luxury yachts and the sleekest of sailboats, to the smallest of fun runabouts, our boat insurance ensures you’re properly covered.
Sailboat Racing High Performance Vessels Runabouts Skipper Charters Sailing Dinghies Multi-Hull boats Boat Houses Float Homes
Our boat insurance and marine insurance covers high performance vessels
We offer boat insurance policies for vessels of all types and sizes, including replacement cost coverage, offshore coverage, transit coverage, liability only, and special live aboard policies.

With expertise in the full range of ocean and inland water risks, and the coverages they require, we’re proud to offer the best marine insurance products available to help minimize uncertainties on the water.
Commercial Marine Insurance covers all kind of commercial marine vessels
Whether you’re looking to protect a yacht club or marina, or a marine-related business such as boatyards, marine repair facilities, electronics and marine safety manufacturing, or fishing resorts – our commercial marine insurance help you protect what matters most.
Tug & Barge Skippered Charters Fishing Charters Water Taxi’s Boat Rentals Docks, Piers & Wharves Cargo Wharfingers Stevedores Terminal Operators
  • Automatic escalation clause
  • Collision liability coverage
  • Damage due to faulty design
  • Failure to launch protection
  • Coverage options for inventory
  • Legal and labour expenses
  • Third-party vessels
  • Errors & omissions causing financial losses
  • General liability for bodily injury
  • Third-party property damage
  • Coverage of offices & buildings
  • Coverage of contents & equipment
Our commercial marine insurance covers boat manufacturers and dealers
  • Floating property
  • Hull & machinery
  • Liability coverage
  • Lift liability
Our commercial marine insurance covers yacht clubs and marinas
  • Damage to vessels
  • Traveling workman coverage
  • Protection & indemnity coverage
  • Floating property
  • Legal liability
  • Lift liability
Our commercial marine insurance covers ship repairers and specialty marine

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As the largest broker in Canada and 5th worldwide, we have the resources and experts to ensure your marine needs are covered.

In a rapidly changing world, we advise businesses and individuals on how to prepare for the unexpected.

When you partner with us, you’re at the center of a vast network of experts who will help you reach your goals through risk services, claims management, and compliance support.

This gives you the peace of mind that what matters most to you will be protected — through unrelenting advocacy and tailored insurance solutions that put you in control.

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We have a vast network of professionals at your fingertips.
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With multiple underwriters, HUB will find you the best value insurance to save you money, while protecting your investment.

Our boat insurance and marine insurance can offer you different levels of coverages

Variety of

We offer a variety of service levels, providing you with choice to select right insurance for your marine needs.

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HUB is here to assist you with your emergencies, at any time, with a 24/7 claims number.

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Our team has well over 50 years of industry experience and can provide you with the seamless service you deserve.

Float Home Coverage by HUB Boat & Marine Insurance

Float Home

HUB can provide excellent coverage for your float home.

Our boat insurance and marine insurance can cover you living aboard your marine vessel.

Liveaboard and Contents Coverage

HUB has partnered with the right Underwriters to provide you with the coverage you need for you to live aboard, with the knowledge that your boat and contents are protected.

Our boat insurance and marine insurance cover older Boats & boathouses

Older Boats & Boathouses Coverage

Finding coverage for your older boat can be tricky, but you can rely on HUB’s expert team to find you the protection you need.

Auto, Home, Commercial Insurance

Auto, Home, Commercial Insurance

HUB International provides coverage for your car, house and business, so you can keep all your risk management under one roof.

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Questions About Our Marine Insurance?

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it’s commercial or personal marine insurance you are looking for, our HUB advisors are here to ensure you’re ready for tomorrow. Our vast global resources and solid local relationships will ensure you receive the best coverage, best value and best service. We are dedicated to helping you protect what matters most by providing the best possible solution tailored to your specific needs.

Most marinas will require you to carry at least $1 Million in Liability Insurance. However, to be properly protected within the scope of the Marine Liability Act, you need to carry a minimum of $2 Million in coverage.

Depending on the age of your vessel, you may be required to have a Marine Survey done. The surveyor will need to be approved by Underwriters or a member of SAMS (Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors) or NAMS (National Accredited Marine Surveyors).

Wood vessels are more expensive to insure than fibreglass vessels.

Most claims happen outside of office hours. Does your broker have 24 hour claim service? Do they have the actual knowledge to assist you with appointing a Surveyor, Lawyer, Salvage Team and other experts you may need on the weekend?

Not all insurance policies are the same. It is not always about price, but what you get for that price. Two aspects you want to look at closely when shopping around are: the exclusions of the policy and how a loss is settled. At HUB International, our Lifeline policy is an agreed value policy. That means we will not depreciate your vessel in the event of a total loss. All partial loss claims are settled on a new for old basis, again meaning no depreciation (not even on Sails, Canvas, Upholstery, or Rigging). Our Lifeline policies have fewer exclusions than most other policies.

The limit of insurance you purchase on your boat needs to include items such as taxes, duty, freight and additional equipment installed. Those values may not be included in the initial price of your boat. The limit also needs to reflect the furnishing and equipment, which would include kitchen items, safety gear, bedding, and anything else that is part of the running or operation of your vessel.

There is a difference between resulting damage due to Latent Defect and wear and tear. Our policies cover both. Many other policies available will only cover Latent Defect. Latent defects are inherent weaknesses which normally are not detected by examination or routine tests, but which were present at the time of manufacture and are aggravated by use. Our policy will cover resulting damage when the damage results from faulty designs, faulty workmanship, the installation or use of improper or defective materials, wear and tear, gradual deterioration or corrosion provided the defect or condition would not have been detected through a reasonable prior inspection.

The difference between Replacement Cost, Agreed Value and Actual Cash Value. Do you REALLY know what you are insured for? Replacement Cost: In the event of a total loss, your Underwriters would replace the boat with a similar current model year, despite the limits shown on the policy. In the event of Partial Loss, repairs will be done a new for old basis without deduction. Agreed Value: In the event of a total loss, you would be pay out what you are insured for on your policy coverage page with no deduction for depreciation. In the event of Partial Loss, repairs will be done a new for old basis without deduction. Depreciated Value: Applying full depreciation to your vessel may result in you not being paid out the full amount you are insured for. Partial losses would also be depreciated on all parts and labour.

The misconception is that if you own or operate a marina, you automatically require Marina Operators Liability. Yet this is not true in all cases. Step one is to identify your risk exposure. If your Marina offers any of the following, you do indeed require Marina Operators Liability:

  • Lifting, hoisting or hauling of vessels out of water;
  • Provide land storage;
  • Fueling;
  • Operating ways;
  • Repairing or service work; OR
  • Incidental repair or maintenance.

The answer is an important follow-up question: Do you have Care, Custody & Control of your customers’ vessels?

If you have Care, Custody & Control of a client’s vessel and you are being paid for your Marina services, you are acting as a Bailee for Reward. That makes you legally liable for any damage to the vessel resulting from your negligence. If vessels are left with you—whether in your yard, building, ways or travel lift—you again have Care, Custody and Control. The same applies if you provide pick up and/or deliver your client’s vessel.

If you have Care, Custody and Control of a client’s vessel and you are being paid for your work, you are acting as a Bailee for Reward. That makes you legally liable for any damage to the vessel resulting from your negligence. If your work requires that vessels are left with you—whether in your yard, building, ways or travel lift—you again have Care, Custody and Control. The same applies if you sea-trial, pick up and/or deliver your client’s vessel.
You should consider buying Legal Liability Insurance, whether you are a small mobile repairer working on small recreational boats, provide support services to large commercial vessels such as HVAC or domestic systems, operate a marina with repair facilities or run the largest of shipyards.
It covers both damage to the vessel and bodily injury to third parties deemed the result of repairer’s negligence while the vessel is in their care.
It is a clause limiting the time frame in which a claim can be presented to the insurer. It is often one year. The Discovery Clause can be generally increased.
If any of your work is done away from your home yard location or if you are a mobile repairer, your policy must be endorsed to cover this exposure. Standard coverage does not include this risk.
If for any reason, it is deemed that your negligence resulted in the delay of a ship that incurs demurrage charges, the standard policy does not include coverage for these costs. This is important because the cost of demurrage can be extremely high.

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