6 Marine Animals for Spring Boaters To Watch For

This year, March 20th marks the first day of spring. Sometimes the weather can make it difficult to identify the true beginning of the season, so luckily there are some other signals boaters can look to that the warmer months have arrived. Marine animals, from seals to giant whales, can be great identification tools for […]

Safety Tips For Winter Boating

While other boaters may have winterized their boats and have stored them away for the winter, many boaters may still be using their vessels for hunting, fishing or transportation. Others may be out doing other activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, and snowmobiling.  Unfortunately, with cold weather and winter conditions the risk of a deadly […]

How To Store Your Sails For Winter

Most boat owners recognize the importance of winterizing their boats to prepare for the winter season. They take great care in making sure their boats are properly winterized and stored, but their sails are not always given the same care. When you are ready to put away your boat for the winter, make sure you […]

Fueling Procedures

Stolen Boats Canada has released a list of safe fueling procedures. Please find them in this article.

How To Winterize Your Boat – Checklist

We have put together a detailed list on the steps on ‘How To Winterize Your Boat.’ Feel free to use this checklist as a starting point, however always remember to check your boat owner’s manuals for any recommendations on steps or products. Each vessel may be different, so you want to ensure that you are […]